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4 June
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I'm ran..cyber and real life friends call me that..currently jobless..I'm from Bandung, Indonesia.fyi, I'm 22 y/o. Let's be Friends! :)Currently in Hey!Say!JUMP fandom for about 2 years, but doing this lj thing just about a few months ago XD. i'm supposed into manga fandom even if it's just naruto and detective conan and harry potter but HSJ always make me forgot other fandom 8D.My fave among the boys is no other than Nakajima Yuto. I totally in love with everythings he has ♥♥. as for OTP i'm in love with both YamaJima and NakaChii~. I'm also into Jr Fandom lately, Kaoru has gotten my eyes on him~ ♥♥ He's YamaJima's son afterall.
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